A Cottage Laundry Room

When photographer and stylist Belle Daughtry and her family moved to a picture-perfect Somerset cottage in 2021, she gradually, room by room, began updating the spaces to suit their needs. The property’s compact laundry room is a very small, yet a very busy, space in the cottage. When the family moved in, the rustic tongue and groove style cabinetry was already in place and, after much consideration, they decided to keep it as they liked the quaint unfitted style.

The sink area was getting a lot of everyday use, with things like hand washing, soaking laundry, and bathing the dog – to name but a few. With this in mind, Belle wanted this area to be functional but also beautiful. The existing sink and brassware were tired and needed refreshing to revitalise the space. Belle had always loved the large Shaws Bowland sink and Perrin & Rowe taps that were already in the main kitchen, and she wanted to create a similar feel in the laundry room. A precious touch for a busy little space. 

Belle always knew the Bowland sink by Shaws was the right choice for the laundry room.

She said: ‘Our kitchen sink is a large Bowland Shaws sink in white. It has never failed us and always feels like the centrepiece of the kitchen. So we knew we wanted to use a Bowland again when designing the laundry space.’

The robust glossy glazed finish of a fireclay sink almost demands bold brassware to finish it off. In this case, Belle opted for an Aged-brass Mayan Tap by Perrin & Rowe. 

‘We also use Perrin & Rowe taps in our kitchen. We love the shape of Mayan – classic and simple. We opted for the aged-brass effect.’ 

The sink sits in between in a sweet ‘cubby-hole’ space.

The laundry sink is perfectly nestled between the two tongue and groove cupboards which enclose the downstairs toilet on the left hand side and the washing machine on the right. The addition of a Devol aged brass curtain pole below the basin creates a discrete storage space for washing supplies.

When asked how she would describe the look, Belle replied: ‘Our style is rather plain and simple. We love a vintage feel. We don’t need fuss or frills but pieces like a lovely sink and taps are very important for us. We love to layer with florals, treasured vintage finds and handmade ceramics to complete rooms in our home. We repainted the space in All White by Farrow & Ball. A real favourite for us in the cottage. The cooling white flows beautifully from room to room.’ 

The works for the Laundry area took place alongside the bathroom renovation in the next room, so they continued the same square Bert & May Square Floor Tiles in Brighton Stone and French Grey for both the Laundry and Bathroom space as the rooms sit next to each other. Even though the Laundry refresh was minimal, as it didn’t take much away, the changes have made such a difference to the family’s everyday life by transforming what was once a dark, tired space, into a light filled corner of their home.