A Somerset Cottage

When Amanda, her husband Richard, and their daughter Belle, who is a freelance photographer, decided to start afresh in Somerset, they yearned for familiarities they had left behind in their previous Suffolk home… especially their much-loved British Standard kitchen. The kitchen in their Somerset home is typical of cottages in the area – small, yet cosy with low ceilings clad in an unfinished local wood. The space is filled with natural light which pours in through the deep sash windows, and perfectly frames the view out to the garden and the fields beyond.

The finished kitchen, which took two months to complete, evolved from their personal tastes and the feel of the space. For example, The family knew they wanted British Standard cabinetry again, and decided to make a Shaws Bowland sink the centrepiece of their new kitchen after falling in love with its fluted front apron design after seeing one whilst visiting the home of a friend.

"We wanted the space to be a curation of all our favourite things. No specific look, just everything we love."

Incorporating the Bowland 800 into the design.

The distinctive fluted-front Bowland 800 sink, slightly larger than Bowland 600, was positioned underneath a sash window with a deep windowsill that’s always curated with a medley of pottery, flowers and candles. It's a heavenly spot to wash up, whilst taking in views of the garden throughout the seasons.

The subtle simplicity and beautiful quality of the British Standard cabinetry is the perfect backdrop for a Shaws sink.

Both brands share the same commitment to craftsmanship and quality. The matt antique white cabinets make the glossy white sink gleam in the natural light from the window. The sink's deep robust construction is also perfect for a hardworking country kitchen. Any sink is made whole by adding the appropriate brassware, which in this case is the handcrafted Mayan Deck-Mounted Taps with Crosstop Handles by Perrin & Rowe in a pewter finish.

The tidy but eclectic pottery collection arranged on open shelves is the perfect finishing touch to this charming little kitchen laden with the owners’ treasured finds.

The cosy country feel is further accentuated by textural finishes on the natural Sandstone flooring and rough-cut timber cladding on the ceiling. Both of these materials work effortlessly with the rustic table and dresser, which have a well-weathered patina that appears to bare the scars of years of hard work. The family have also managed to successfully squeeze in a classic white Aga range which, like a Shaws sink, is an icon of kitchen design that enhances the look and adds authenticity to any country-style kitchen. Due to high demand and the handcrafted nature of the products, the owner knew that the sink and the range both had a six-week delivery time, but they were convinced it was worth the wait.


You can follow Amanda and her husband Richard on Instagram @mysimplehome and also their daughter Belle @just_belle who is a freelance photographer.

Thank you to British Standard Cupboards and @just_belle