Shaws does... Gracefully Grey

The popularity of grey interiors isn’t going away, so just how do you go grey gracefully?

Remember when grey meant boring? Too often it was considered the uniform of all things dull, but for quite some time now grey has been quietly reinstating itself as a colour to admire. Suddenly grey is okay.

But seriously, what is our obsession with this anti-colour colour that has propelled it back into the hearts and minds of design-conscious consumers everywhere? One word – versatility. Grey is a neutral colour that sits on the fence, perfectly in the middle of light and dark. This neutrality allows grey to complement almost any colour without overpowering it, and that’s just mid-grey. If you explore the thousands of shades available, you would see a spectrum of versatile tones. These range from subtle off-whites like Salt, to near-black shades like Tar, both from the new California Collection by Farrow & Ball. This versatility translates perfectly into interiors because grey isn’t really linked to any particular design movement, genre or period – it has a universal appeal.

Tastefully Timeless.

Dark robust, sumptuous greys - like the ubiquitous Anthracite grey – to give it its generic name, are popular when trying to achieve a period aesthetic like Edwardian or Victorian. They create a moody historical charm that creates an atmosphere so pronounced you can cut it with a knife. This classical style has been successfully contemporised in the kitchen by cabinet makers like DeVol and Plain English, whose timeless cabinetry sits as beautifully with our elegant white sinks, as a sharply tailored grey suit pairs with a crisp white cotton shirt. Shades like Artist Grey, by fashion icon Ralph Lauren for his Home Collection, will add a fashion inspired twist to any interior.

Industrial Strength Chic.

Mid-greys like Dowager by Fired Earth work equally well as a backdrop for the modern industrial look that combines the warm tones of natural woods and polished concrete with the cooler metallic finishes of materials like steel and aluminium. These textural finishes provide a great contrast to any of our smooth glossy sinks, designed to thrive in industrial environments for over 125 years.

A Scandinavian Staple.

The simple, clean interiors of the ever-popular Scandinavian or ‘Scandi’ style utilises the calming qualities of pale greys to greatly enhance its minimalistic design-conscious interiors. Black or dark grey Crittall interior glazing, cool marble worktops and iconic Danish furniture are the highlights of Scandi kitchen style. Simple yet stylish grey sofas are often littered with an eclectic mix of brightly coloured or patterned cushions, providing little ‘pops’ of personality. The clean lines of a Scandi-style kitchen work well in pale grey, injecting a hint of warmth that can take the edge off a stark white minimalist space, but without losing the look completely. In fact, many of the colours masquerading as warm or off-whites could be more accurately labeled as pale greys.

What's our take on grey?

The great thing about grey is its ability to adapt. With so many amazing greys to choose from, there is a shade for every situation. It can add darkness or bring light, be contemporary or classical, be neutral or be bold. But the one thing grey will never be is boring.