Little Edwardian Christmas Kitchen

When design lovers Reece and Paul set about renovating the kitchen in their ‘Little Edwardian’ home in South East London, the theme was always going to be dark Maximalism. The kitchen, located in the centre of the house, has a small footprint at around 14m², so the duo chose to work with a local cabinet maker to get the most out of the limited real estate they had to work with, and also to ensure all their specific requirements and design details were met.  

Reece and Paul love to cook, but also wanted the kitchen to be an open plan entertaining space. Reece is a maximalist at heart, and this is clearly expressed in his incredibly bold choice of worktop. Beautifully perched upon hand-painted Amber Grey painted cabinetry, the worktops are one of the standout design features of the little Edwardian kitchen. Sourced from Love Terrazzo, they are made by casting white marble shards into a deep black resin base. Both Reece and Paul loved how the bold Terrazzo dominates the design as a result of the simplicity of the rest of the kitchen design. 

Drawn by its distinctive fluted front design the couple selected a Shaws’ Bowland 600 sink to complement the bold worktop. “We loved the fluted design of the sink, it added interest, the size was perfect and it complemented the kitchen we designed,'' said Reece. 

One of their favourite parts of the kitchen is the brassware from Perrin & Rowe.

The eye-catching Armstrong bridge mixer tap is finished in satin brass, which takes on an aged patina over time and will add a historical charm to the design. The tap’s robust industrial design perfectly complements the glossy utilitarian sensibilities of the Shaws fireclay sink, creating an elegant but very capable combination.

“I needed to make each individual element of the kitchen shine for its own merits. Whether it be subtle understated design or loud in design. Mixed materials were a huge consideration, but I think they all complement each other so well,” added Reece.

Another design feature of the kitchen is the Lacanche Cluny stove and as food lovers, it wasn’t something the couple were prepared to compromise on. Because Reece and Paul are both foodies at heart and love to socialise, naturally Christmas is a very indulgent time for them and they like their home to be filled with lots of festive spirit…

…We asked them to share their tips for sprucing up your kitchen this Christmas.

“We always start in November as Christmas is my favourite time of year. I also work as a nurse in the NHS, and I only get alternative years off for Christmas. Over the years my Christmas decorating style has changed. I used to be a very silver and white person. But as I have got older and more sophisticated with my designs I prefer lots of green foliage paired with golds and deeper colours like blues and blacks. I like Christmas to look eclectic and bring out all those decorations that hold memories of past Christmases."

"The kitchen is always the central part of our Christmas. It's where we can cook to our heart’s content, making all the foods that we try to withhold throughout the rest of the year. The kitchen is where memories are made, sharing laughter and good times with your family and friends. We both love to host so we have a ‘Friend-mas’, our annual Christmas party, which is always full of incredible foods and drinks with all our friends and family, or as many people as we can fit in the house. My favourite food is cheese, and also anything fish related: oysters, salmon Blinis and caviar (all the things that I don't have throughout the rest of the year). And, controversially we always have Yorkshire puddings with our Christmas dinner – because it's the best part."

When it comes to tips for festive décor, I would always say – do you, do you!

"Utilise anything that makes you feel happy, nostalgic and Christmassy. Whether it's mixed match plates or not, if you want to have a colour theme or not, it doesn’t matter. It doesn't have to be expensive, you can forage for foliage, you can create games and crackers, and that's the fun thing about Christmas, Christmas has no rules!!! I like to decorate anything and everything I can. I decorate my stair bannister, fireplace and front door with garlands and add lots of little Christmas bits throughout the house."

I love foliage whether it's real or fake.

"It brings the outdoors in and makes your home feel cosy, Christmassy and nostalgic. Lots of people always question faux foliage but you can do something different with it every year and if styled in a certain way, it looks fairly realistic. But, there is also nothing to stop you from using real foliage if you prefer.

In the dining room I like to make my own hanging wreath which I hang over the table. I also like to make my dining table look incredibly beautiful with all my gorgeous dining ware that I've collected throughout the years. I love my table to look over the top, piled on with lots of plates, cutlery and Christmas things."



Photography and Design: Reece and Paul @littleedwardian